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Borusan Otomotiv İthalat and Borusan Otomotiv Pazarlama have been the market leaders of premium car segment for years. Borusan Oto is the authorized dealer and authorized service, having the largest market share among Borusan Otomotiv corporations.

Included in the premium car segment as a part of Borusan Group's automotive market, the corporations Borusan Otomotiv İthalat, Borusan Otomotiv Pazarlama and Borusan Oto and Borusan Otomotiv Premium Kiralama have been operating since 1984 as a joint venture between Borusan Holding and GIWA Holding of Germany.

Borusan Otomotiv İthalat maintains its leading position for 30 years as the distributor of BMW and MINI. Borusan Otomotiv Pazarlama services in the premium car segment as the distributor of Jaguar Land Rover.

Borusan Otomotiv Group has 22 authorized dealer and 33 authorized service, 17 points of sales and after-sale points. Borusan Oto stands as the authorized dealer and authorized service with the largest market share of the Group with 11 branches and serves as Jaguar Land Rover distributor in the Northern Cyprus.

As a leading play in the high segment car lease, Borusan Otomotiv Premium Kiralama provides qualified operational lease services and tailor-made customer support and services, intending to create a loyal and happy customers.

Hakan Tiftik
Chief Executive Officer
Aslı De Munnink
Chief Digital Officer & Executive Commitee Member
Simay Alsan
Executive Committee Member / Borusan Oto General Manager
Cem Uluğtekin
Executive Committee Member / Jaguar Land Rover Managing Director
Kağan Dağtekin
Executive Committee Member / Borusan Otomotiv Premium Kiralama Managing Director
M.Kerim Kazgan
Executive Committee Member / Chief Finance Officer
Uğur Sakarya
Executive Committee Member / BMW/MINI/BMW Motorrad Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer : Hakan Tiftik
Founded in : 1984
Address : Firuzköy Bulvarı No: 21 34320 Avcılar / İstanbul
Telephone : (+90) 212 412 00 00
Fax : (+90) 212 694 34 49
Contact Person : Aslı Kayadeniz
E-mail :
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